An International Expert in Production Powder Coating

We coat the hard stuff.

Manufacturers often have a variety of metal materials and components that need to be coated with a special surface, whether it’s for aesthetic or functional purposes. For many situations, conventional liquid coating simply isn’t the right method.

It’s why manufacturers seek out suppliers who offer production powder coating services, much like the premium service we offer here at Protek Surface Technologies. We solve the most difficult coating challenges that world-class manufacturers face in finishing their products.


1. Aesthetics

First and foremost, not only does Protek ensure a functional part, but also we’re able to fashion the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. And for many projects, this is sufficient.

But for your products, where you need function to match aesthetics, Protek provides that.

2. Corrosion Resistance

Many manufacturers need their metal parts to have a degree of corrosion resistance, and Protek certainly provides that as we offer 500 to 2,000 salt-spray hours, using thermoplastic or thermoset powder technology.

3. Change-over Agility

Part of the reason we’re able to address our customers’ concerns about lead times is the efficiency in our process. Ultimately, they choose to work with us because we alleviate scheduling pain. We have the agility to change colors for our projects on an hourly basis.

4. Our Efficient Batch System

Protek can handle medium-to-high-volume runs because of our efficient batch system. Our processes and technology can help alleviate your lead time issues.

5. Our Many Masking Techniques

Through our expertise, we are able to employ a number of masking techniques. Available to Protek on site, we use 3D printed masks, 2D die-cut masking, as well as custom plugs and custom masks.

6. Our Many Formulations

We possess the expertise to work with and handle the materials and parts that other coating companies pass over because it’s difficult on their processes and systems.

Protek offers a number of formulations:


It’s important to note that Protek Surface Technologies does not see itself as a heavily commoditized powder coating service. We are not a “spray and pay.” We do the custom jobs that others cannot. We find coating solutions to the difficult problems our manufacturing customers are having, whether it’s certain specifications you’re looking to satisfy or lead times you’re looking to improve.