Our specialized industrial coatings extend the life of your product and reduce your maintenance downtime.


Non-stick ranges from low-release to high-release applications. High-release creates a quick release on a smooth surface, while low-release creates a controlled release on a matte surface. We can tailor applications to achieve the solution you’re looking for.

  • Reduces scrap
  • increases product life and productivity
  • Optimizes manufacturability

Low friction

Low friction is meant to keep your surfaces lubricated while preventing wear and ensuring longevity.
In some instances, we use liquid lubrication to support this application.

  • Removes service aspect (doesn’t always require liquid lubricant).
  • Reduces maintenance (in case your part isn’t easily accessible).
  • Prevents seizing.
  • Delivery chutes or product chutes
  • Actuator screws
  • Control valve assemblies

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion-resistant coatings prevent wear and add durability to your part. It protects your part from harsh materials and keeps it performing at the level you expect.

  • Prolongs your part’s life
  • Prevents wear
  • Loading chutes used for potash

Chemical resistance

This coating protects your part from chemicals, prevents corrosion and contamination, and keeps materials from sticking.

  • Improves your part’s manufacturability
  • Prolongs your part’s life
  • Containers, mixers, valves, piping, tanks, etc.
  • Part processing racks

Electrical insulation

This coating isolates your part from current passing through and prevents it from static build up.

  • Prevents arc
  • Prevents materials from clinging to substrate
  • Print industry equipment
  • Copy rollers
  • Beverage filling probes

Rust and corrosion prevention

Rust and corrosion-preventing coatings protect your part from contamination and chemicals that decrease its lifespan.

  • Extends product life (both aesthetically and functionally)
  • Reduces process or product contamination (especially important in the food industry)
  • Refurbishing equipment to meet standards of both federal CFIA and provincial food safety organizations.

Function and aesthetic

This coating creates a sleek surface finish while still maintaining the integrity of your part.

  • Extends product life
  • Increases visibility
  • Improves manufacturability and reduces scrap
  • End caps used on intercity buses
  • Safety yellow guardrails on intercity buses
  • Pallet jack handles
  • Control levers

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