Non-stick solutions in the food industry

FEP is a thin film coating that you can use in high-temperature situations (up to 400F) and in harsh chemical environments.

It also exhibits excellent non-stick properties and is approved for direct food contact.

FEP is an ideal coating in the food industry because many ingredients, including pizza dough, begin to stick. FEP ensures a smooth and consistent release, especially in high-speed, conveyor line-type environments.

For example, when you crush hemp seeds and gluten-free grain, they morph into a sticky-like texture. FEP-coated machinery makes sure everything flows smoothly.

Years ago, a company that made pizzas reached out to us about non-stick solutions. They started getting more requests for gluten-free pizza crusts, so they began baking them. They soon discovered that wet gluten-free dough was even more sticky than regular wet dough, resulting all kinds of trouble on their production line.

We coated some of the machinery with our non-stick Teflon™ coating and the solved their problem.

We’ve helped many customers increase their productivity by applying FEP on their machines. One of the added benefits is that it also helped tremendously in reducing their clean-up time.