Our journey to a lean environment

Our commitment to continuous improvement helps us enhance our day-to-day processes and reduce customer lead times.

We’ve taken our first steps toward cellular manufacturing and haven’t looked back.

Cellular manufacturing groups resources (people and machines) to best suit the production of a variety of similar products. Each cell has access to resources for part preparation, coating, baking, inspection, and packaging.

Our process involves two product-specific cells, a powder coating cell, and a specialty coating cell:

  • The powder cell handles small and large runs (up to thousands of pieces).
  • The Specialty line applies high-performance, oven-cured coatings such as Teflon®, Halar®, Kynar®, Rilsan®, and ProTekote.

We’ve invested in new equipment and technology that brings our transition to life. Since we’ve implemented our cellular environment, we’ve enhanced the customer experience by reducing lead times and improving on-time delivery.

Our transition has established more trust with our clients – they’ve given us more opportunities to perform at a high level while they focus on their own processes.

Protek commits to on going educational opportunities, and Because of this, we’re proud to have employee graduates of both Yellow and Green Belt Six Sigma training.