Benefits of Coating

Coating applications that enhance your product’s performance

Collaborate to match the best coating to your applications needs.

We can provide part design input for best coated part performance.

Our coatings can increase and extend performance of your parts.

What we do

Our specialized industrial coatings extend the life of your product and reduce your maintenance downtime.

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Non-stick ranges from low-release to high-release applications. High-release creates a quick release on a smooth surface, while low-release creates a controlled release on a matte surface. We can tailor applications to achieve the solution you’re looking for.


  • Reduces scrap
  • increases product life and productivity
  • Optimizes manufacturability

Low friction

Low friction is meant to keep your surfaces lubricated while preventing wear and ensuring longevity.

In some instances, we use liquid lubrication to support this application.


  • Removes service aspect (doesn’t always require liquid lubricant).
  • Reduces maintenance (in case your part isn’t easily accessible).
  • Prevents seizing.


  • Delivery chutes or product chutes
  • Actuator screws
  • Control valve assemblies 

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion-resistant coatings prevent wear and add durability to your part. It protects your part from harsh materials and keeps it performing at the level you expect.


  • Prolongs your part’s life
  • Prevents wear


  • Loading chutes used for potash

Chemical resistance

This coating protects your part from chemicals, prevents corrosion and contamination, and keeps materials from sticking.


  • Improves your part’s manufacturability
  • Prolongs your part’s life


  • Containers, mixers, valves, piping, tanks, etc.
  • Part processing racks

Electrical insulation

This coating isolates your part from current passing through and prevents it from static build up.


  • Prevents arc
  • Prevents materials from clinging to substrate


  • Print industry equipment
  • Copy rollers
  • Beverage filling probes

Rust and corrosion prevention

Rust and corrosion-preventing coatings protect your part from contamination and chemicals that decrease its lifespan.


  • Extends product life (both aesthetically and functionally)
  • Reduces process or product contamination (especially important in the food industry)


  • Refurbishing equipment to meet standards of both federal CFIA and provincial food safety organizations.

Function and aesthetic

This coating creates a sleek surface finish while still maintaining the integrity of your part.


  • Extends product life
  • Increases visibility
  • Improves manufacturability and reduces scrap


  • End caps used on intercity buses
  • Safety yellow guardrails on intercity buses
  • Pallet jack handles
  • Control levers

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