Why Choose Us

We have the solution for your parts, processes, and applications.

Collaborate to match the best coating to your applications needs.

We can provide part design input for best coated part performance.

Our coatings can increase and extend performance of your parts.

We take great pride in utilizing our resources and expertise to accomplish any task, our team approach assures a complete job tailored to your needs. We have developed a reputation for excellence in the development, application, and education on the use of high performance coating systems.

Predictable and reliable on-time order stability

Our customers expect predictable and reliable delivery of their coated parts with our state-of-the-art cellular manufacturing process.

Increased customer capacity

Protek handles your immediate or long-term coating needs so you can focus on what’s more important for your business to succeed.

Single-source coating applications

Protek has the expertise and capability to apply conventional powder coatings and high-performance, oven-cured coatings such as Teflon™, Xylan®, Halar®, Kynar®, and others.

Surface finish recommendations

With more than 25 years in the coating industry, Protek has the knowledge and expertise to find a coating solution for your parts and applications. We’ve coated for industries including:

  • Agricultural
  • Food processing
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gass
  • Waterworks
  • Mining
  • Aerospace/Military


We proudly use only trusted and proven suppliers for all of our surface finishes.