Your defence against oil corrosion

Canada is a well-known producer of oil and natural gas that has many regions producing these products. In some of these areas, the extracted resources can be corrosive and damage any parts in direct contact with them. In this industry, ProTekote P5000 Series, Teflon™, and Xylan™ are the best defense against these resources.

It’s not uncommon to find oil with contaminants that are very corrosive to mild steel.

Oil service providers usually have different options on how to handle this, but the most cost-effective solution is to use mild steel fittings and coat them with products like ProTekote P5000 to combat corrosion and minimize buildup of ‘sticky’ oil ingredients.

These are typically thin-film coatings that we can apply to a broad range of parts and complex geometries. Even with both the male and female threads coated, the parts fit together well and the coating itself acts as a seal (like Teflon™ tape) on all the threaded surfaces.

Customers normally send in their parts and we typically turn them around within a week and ship them back. There are times (quite often) when a customer asks if we can return their parts within a day or two. Our answer is, “of course we can,” and this is primarily due to our cellular manufacturing process. This cell is designed to maintain a specific level of open capacity so that once we receive your order it never hits the floor. This cell exclusively runs short orders that require our specialty coatings services.